New Album Prep, Part 2: A Rose By Any Other Name...


Hello Hounds,

Rory here again with more updates from the lab. As we await to see what our recording future holds and we try to maximize our time before our dear D-Ray heads out on another month-long trek with All People, last night we turned our attention to songwriting. 

We picked up a song that has long been in the works, one that has had multiple working titles as the song evolved (side note: never underestimate the sheer silliness of our songs’ working titles). Right now we’re going with “Ethel” (probably).

The song began as a guitar line I stole* from _______ and the _________ (Ed. note: band name omitted for legal reasons). I originally envisioned it as an upbeat, danceable post-punk number, but we quickly took it to weird land, as we are wont to do. Anyway, the song snapped into focus this time around, with parts and sections finally coming together as we ready the song for a demo treatment. 

As you just read, we are going to demo new songs this time around. We’re looking forward to this as it’ll give us a chance to reflect on the new material before real deal recording happens. I’ll blog on this process as much as time allows me, and you can follow our progress in real time through our normal social media channels

As for the new recording, we made some final edits Wednesday before being sent off for mixing. Hopefully, we’ll see what comes back in the next week or so. 

*On stealing: When I was young, I took guitar lessons from Werlein’s music on Decatur Street, right next to the former location of Louisiana Music Factory. My dad and I once caught an in-store performance at LMF after a lesson, and my dad asked the guitarist for advice for his fledging-musician son. The man replied, “good musicians borrow, great musicians steal.” I tell myself this each time I steal a guitar line or melody. It helps me sleep at night. Thanks, mystery man!

Singing and barking,

Rory, V&tH


About Us

New Orleans-based spaghetti western psychedelic indie-rock quintet Vox and the Hound was originally envisioned as a one-off performance to augment front man Leo DeJesus’s solo material for a local music festival in 2010. However, the group’s undeniable chemistry grew into a full-fledged band that, nearly four years later, still retains its original members in DeJesus on guitar and vocals, Andrew Jarman on bass and vocals, Daniel “D-Ray” Ray on keys, vocals, and trombone, Rory Callais on guitar, and Eric Rogers on drums. The band quickly recorded a batch of DeJesus’s songs for its 2011 EP Hermosa before collaborating to produce their eclectic and dense debut album Courage. Vox and the Hound has gone on to win Gambit Weekly’s Big Easy Music Awards “Best Emerging Artist 2012,” sell out House of Blues’ Parish Room for the Courage release show, and mount a Kickstarter campaign to release Courage on vinyl that doubled its initial goal. Not one to rest on its laurels, Vox and the Hound is currently writing new material in preparation of its next release while continuing to touch on “a panoply of styles, from spare, dreamy soundscapes to vivacious prog-pop and spooky Americana (Allison Fensterstock,


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